Uroko-no-ie/ Uroko Museum

Uroko-no-ie/ Uroko Museum

The original Ijinkan open to the public in Kobe

The residence with most Western influence of the Kitano Ijinkan houses in Kobe. Covered in a natural stone called slate, its resemblance to the scales of a fish gave the house the nickname of “Uroko no Ie” (House of the Scales). Not only in the outside, the whole building has a distinctive elaborated design that makes it part of the National Designated Registered Cultural Properties of Japan. The building holds a collection of renowned porcelain including “Royal Worcester”, “Meissen” and “Royal Copenhagen”. There are also handmade glassware exhibitions. The sunroom, with views of the Port of Kobe, is said to be where traders watched over their boats entering and leaving the port when the Port was opened. In the garden there is a “Calydonian Boar” (nicknamed Porcellino), which is believed to bring you good luck if you rub its snout.
Next to Uroko-no-Ie lies the “Uroko Museum” where many modern, Japanese paintings are exhibited.
The best ticket is “Premium Pass” which includes tickets for 8 houses, a dress service privilege in the Kitano Gaikokujin Club and a stamp book.

Uroko-no-ie/ Uroko Museum

A 15-minute walk from the following nearby stations: Hankyu: “Sannomiya Station” (East Exit), Hanshin Main Line: “Kobe Sannomiya Station” (East Exit Number 5), JR: “Sannomiya Station” (West Exit); the Port Liner “Sannomiya Station” and “Kobe Sannomiya” Bus Station. It is just one minute away using the City Loop Bus*
9:30 to 17:00 (Winter: 10/1~3/31)9:30 to 18:00 (Summer: 4/1~9/30)
Open throughout the year
Other ¥550 Premium Pass(included 8houses) ¥3,000

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