Trick Art at The Amazing Consulate

Trick Art at The Amazing Consulate

Look at it, touch it, take pictures!

A unique amusement spot in the Ijinkan where you can get inside the paintings and experience works that incorporate optical illusions. It is divided into six areas where you can take in plenty of stunning pictures: “Kobe Original Series”, with a collection of typical works from Kobe; “Adventure World”, “the Illusion World”, “Brain Training”, “Masterpieces” and “the Maze”. The house is a wooden building from the late Meiji period. After the war it was used as the Consulate of Panama.

Trick Art at The Amazing Consulate

A 15-minute walk from the following nearby stations: Hankyu: “Sannomiya Station” (East Exit), Hanshin Main Line: “Kobe Sannomiya Station” (East Exit Number 5), JR: “Sannomiya Station” (West Exit); the Port Liner “Sannomiya Station” and “Kobe Sannomiya” Bus Station. It is just one minute away using the City Loop Bus*
9:30 to 17:00 (Winter: 10/1~3/31) 9:30 to 18:00 (Summer: 4/1~9/30)
*The last Entry Admission to “The Amazing Consulate” is 30 minutes before closing time. However if it is crowded closing time may be earlier.
Open throughout the year
Adult ¥800 Child ¥200

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