Sannomiya Ikkanrou

Sannomiya Ikkanro Central branch / JR Sannomiya Station branch (take-out only)

An extremely well-established set of local Chinese restaurants in Kobe with close to 60 years of history.
Ikkanro’s signature steamed pork bun has maintained the same high quality and amazing taste since its opening, and Kobe locals have loved it from day one!

Ikkanrou offers not only butaman but also steamed meat dumpling, pot stickers and more.

The take-out counter where so many people are waiting in line!

Butaman (steamed pork bun) is the specialty of the local Chinese restaurant “Sannomiya Ikkanrou”.
Since Ikkanrou’s butaman is highly regarded as one of the best steamed pork buns in Kobe, a lot of people from all over Japan including Hokkaido and Okinawa frequently come to try their butaman. The secret of its popularity is their special filling which is full of selectively chosen ingredients and super-juicy pork. On top of that, their bun skin is very soft and chewy. Ikkanrou’s butaman is a dish full of passion. Please swing by and experience their handmade butaman; you don’t want to miss out!

Sannomiya Ikkanrou Central branch / JR Sannomiya Station branch (take-out only)

3-9-9 Sannomiya-cho Chuo-ku Kobe (Central branch) / 4-1-1 Nunobiki-cho Chuo-ku Kobe (JR Sannomiya Station branch)
078-331-1974(Central branch / 078-291-5606(JR Sannomiya Station branch)
Central branch (Restaurant) Monday-Friday 10:30~15:00 (Last call 14:30)、17:00~22:00 (Last call 21:30) / Saturday, Sunday and holiday 10:30~22:00 (Last call 21:30)
Central branch (Take-out counter) 10:30~21:30
Closed on Thursday / Central branch (Take-out counter) Closed on January 1st and 2nd

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