Sannomiya OPA2

Sannomiya OPA2

OPA2 offers a large selection of close to 50 shops which include wonderful restaurants full of delectable cuisine for you to enjoy.

 Appealing restaurant floors (the 8th and 9th floors)

An enormous interior goods store

The 8th and 9th floors of OPA2 are called “gourmet floors” where you can enjoy a wide variety of dishes such as sushi, steak, shabushabu and more. In addition, there are knickknack (variety goods) shops, clothing stores, a nail salon, an aesthetic salon, a hair-coloring salon, and a yoga studio that exist to caters to women’s overall health.
It’s conveniently accessible from these Sannomiya stations. (Sannomiya, Kobe Sannomiya)

Sannomiya OPA2

2nd floor-9th floor 6-1-15 Kumoi-dori Chuo-ku Kobe
Shopping (2F-7F) 10:00~21:00
Restaurants (8F・9F) 11:00~23:00
*The business hours of some shops and restaurants may be different.
Open daily

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