Kobe Harborland umie

Kobe Harborland umie

A shopping mall plaza right next to Port of Kobe which consists of three buildings (NORTH MALL, SOUTH MALL, and MOSAIC)

Kobe Harborland umie is an extremely spacious shopping plaza that offers close to 235 shops related to local food, variety goods, clothing, fashion, and more. On top of that, since umie has a number of large-scale popular retailers as well as movie theaters, you can spend the entire day enjoying the variety in the plaza.
One of the best attractions at umie, “Mosaic Big Ferris Wheel”, offers an incredibly spectacular view of Kobe from the window of each booth and is very popular among couples and families. It’s around 5 minutes of walking distance from both JR Kobe and subway Harborland station and around 10 minutes of walking distance from Hanshin Kosoku Kobe station. It’s very conveniently accessible.

Kobe Harborland umie

1-7-2 Higashikawasaki-cho Chuo-ku Kobe
(NORTH MALL/SOUTH MALL / Shops and Restaurants)10:00~21:00
(AEONSTYLE umie)9:30~21:30
(Movie theater)8:00~25:00 
Open daily

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