Kitano Meister Garden “Kitano Kobo-no Machi”

Kitano Meister Garden “Kitano Kobo-no Machi”

Kitano Meister Garden is a recreation and shopping establishment installed in a renovated and repurposed elementary school building. Due to the building’s original architecture and style of construction, the atmosphere of the facility has a very classic and retro feel. The cool, relaxed atmosphere and the stylish, elegant interior exude the charm of Kobe.

Kitano Meister Garden is a unique tourist spot that emphasizes firsthand experiences which was renovated from the former Kitano Elementary School building and established in 1998.
On the first floor there are a variety of shops that offer local sweets and souvenirs; not to mention popular items such as Kobe beef croquette and steamed meat buns.
On the second floor are unique workshops where you can make more than 60 kinds of crafts by hand. There are also several stores selling variety goods that have such a wide range of stock that you may find something that surprises you. The shopping center also has a café where you can relax for a while.
For those visiting from overseas, a secure and convenient currency exchange machine is available for use at Kitano Meister Garden. Please make use of it. *Some currencies may not be available.

Kitano Meister Garden “Kitano Kobo-no Machi”

3-17-1 Nakayamate-dori Chuo-ku Kobe
Closed irregularly

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