17. Nakatottei (Kobe Port Tower)

The Kobe Port Tower is the symbol of the Port of Kobe.

The Tower, which is 108 meters high, was built to give visitors a bird’s-eye view of the port. Its design is unique, being constructed of 32 pipes woven like a complicated lattice.

Resembling a long, red, Japanese hand-held drum called a “tsuzumi”, which itself is shaped like an hourglass, Kobe Port Tower is well known in the field of architecture, as it is the first structure in the world to be built of pipes. It is actually nicknamed the “Steel Tower Beauty”.

From the glass-enclosed observation deck on the 5th floor, visitors can take in the surrounding sights of the city, starting from the city center nearby, up to the Rokko Mountain Range in the distance.

At night, Kobe’s famous “million-dollar night view” that spreads out in all directions from the Tower draws many visitors and it definitely should not be missed during a visit to Kobe.


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