2. Harborland (MOSAIC)

Kobe Harborland umie is a cultural focal point connecting the city with the sea. Originally built as the Japan National Railways Minatogawa Cargo Station, it was renovated, and then in 1992 opened as the symbol of Kobe’s waterfront area.

Kobe Harborland umie is an entertainment area, home to a variety of unique attractions such as the “Hanebashi”; a drawbridge that is one of Kobe’s famous landmarks. In addition, you will find many restaurants in Harborland housed in renovated red-brick warehouses.

The two biggest draws of Kobe Harborland umie are shopping and dining.

Within the Harborland area is the multi-purpose complex called umie MOSAIC, which is filled with fashionable and stylish restaurants, cafes, and boutiques that can satisfy anyone\’s tastes and interests. It is a popular destination not only for locals but also for visitors as well.

The drawbridge, which is located in the center of Harborland central plaza, is a drawbridge that opens and closes to allow the passing of ships in the harbor. While this type of bridge is very common in Europe, especially in the Netherlands, in Japan, however, it is the first of its type designed as an overpass specifically for pedestrians.

Also within the Harborland complex is a Ferris wheel operating from 10AM to 10PM, offering spectacular views of Kobe.

If you are interested in shopping, then Harborland is definitely one of the spots you should take your time browsing around while in Kobe.


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