14. City Hall

Nearby the bus stop you will see a noticeably tall building. That’s Kobe’s City Hall, which is 132 meters high and has 30 stories. There is a free observation area on the 24th floor opened every day of the week, even on national holidays. From the observation area you can enjoy panoramic views of Kobe, including the Rokko Mountain Range and the port area.

You can spend your time enjoying the spectacular views while leisurely enjoying a meal or refreshment at one of the restaurants and coffee shops in the observation area.

Since the observation area is open until 10PM, it is ideal for seeing Kobe’s so-called “million-dollar night view” after dark.

Seeing the night view of the mountain side strung with red tail-lights of moving cars, and the sea side shining with lights burning in skyscrapers and along highways, you will certainly get a true sense of the unique atmosphere of Kobe.

Close to City Hall is Japan’s first flower clock, which was completed in 1957. It is modeled after the flower clock in English Garden Park in Geneva, Switzerland. The clock, which at first glance seems rather small, is actually 6 meters in diameter. The clock takes on a new look eight times a year, when the flowers are replanted to reflect the changing seasons. The flower clock too has become one more symbol of Kobe, delighting the eyes of visitors who come to enjoy its marking the passage of time in this sophisticated city.


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